Mentoring Plus

Supporting young people in B&NES through mentoring

So…who is Lucy?

Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m one of two volunteer press officers for Mentoring Plus.

I suppose it’s easy to assume that when you volunteer for a charity, it’s always on the frontline, doing the hands-on work. But, there’s always work to do behind the scenes too and Mentoring Plus is no exception.

I started volunteering for Mentoring Plus in October 2011. I had some free time and wanted to put some of my skills to use. I’ve always worked with young people so I was very familiar with the kind of work Mentoring Plus does but rather than mentor a young person, I wanted to help get the message out about the organisation’s work.

As a press officer, I help Mentoring Plus talk about the work that it does. This can involve writing press releases and articles for local and national newspapers, arranging television or radio coverage about our work or getting the message out through our website and on twitter. I’m also interested in helping our young people get their own voices and experiences heard.  I also help promote our fundraising activities, like skydiving and abseiling.

All this activity helps make sure that the local community is aware that we exist and that we are doing good work with young people in the area. It also means that when people are thinking about volunteering or raising money for charity, they will think of us.

I love being a volunteer at Mentoring Plus. It’s given me the chance to learn some new skills and sharpen up some of the skills I already had! I like being able to make a contribution to the organisation and the young people of Bath.  The team is fantastic to work with too!

Have you got something to offer us at Mentoring Plus? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about volunteering but don’t know what you could do. Get in touch and talk to us. We’ve always got lots of projects on and can always use a hand behind the scenes. We would love to hear from you.


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