Mentoring Plus

Supporting young people in B&NES through mentoring

Schools Exclusion Project

Funding from Awards For All

We recently gained  funding for our Schools Exclusion Project which is a new support service for young people at risk of exclusion.  This Support Service will be available to pupils in the last year of primary school and to all pupils in secondary and special schools.  We would seek to develop this service in partnership with Black Families Education Support Group (BFESG). We intend to work very closely with the local authority and other voluntary and statutory services such as Off The Record and the Princes Trust, and including CAMHS, 117 Project and Connexions. Mentoring Plus would be the lead organisation working through a steering group of other statutory and voluntary agencies, including the Specialist Behaviour Service and other schools where appropriate. The aims of the project are as follows:

• To help prevent exclusions through early intervention and targeted support

• To support excluded pupils through a tailor-made programme of mentoring, counselling and activities (Key Project and interest groups)

• To support the emotional well-being of young people at risk of exclusion in a school setting

• To provide Peer Mentor Training and support to primary and secondary schools where requested


The project will aim to reduce the risk of exclusion by supporting young people at risk with mentors from the local community.  By using positive role models, the aim is  to enhance their future educational and career aspirations .The service would be delivered by the development worker supported by a team of existing staff and volunteers and by the recruitment of 20 additional volunteer mentors. The role of the development worker would be to design a tailor-made programme of support for each young person identified as being at risk of exclusion,



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